Monday, October 29, 2012

High tea at the Mackenzie King Tearoom

S and I visited the Mackenzie King Tearoom for high tea this summer. S had a delicious gazpacho and salad, but the purpose of the trip was to satisfy my pregnancy-induced craving for high tea. Decadent me!

I ordered their Afternoon Tea, which is tea, sandwiches, a scone and sweets for $21. All I really wanted was the scone with clotted cream and raspberry jam, but I found I also really loved the fudges and the sandwiches, mmm. There were five different sandwiches with the crusts off in true high-tea tradition. Some of them had watercress inside them, which tasted lovely and peppery. I must look for that in the stores — I think it came in the tuna sandwich and it was a great combination.

It was an extremely hot day and we were on the patio, which is delightful and overlooks the gardens on the estate. We had to switch tables mid-meal to get some shade. Normally I love the heat, but not while pregnant!

The tearoom is in Gatineau Park in one of the former prime minister's cottages. It's open May to October, and is a scenic and peaceful spot. I'm already looking forward to another visit next summer!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Indian curries and a stocked freezer

I have to give a big shout-out to my Mom and L for stocking our freezer while I was pregnant with twins! My babies were born this summer – and have big appetites thanks to all the good food they ate while still inside me.

What a treat it was to eat my mom's cooking every day once again. I haven't had this privilege since high school when I was still living at home and didn't appreciate her cooking as much as I should have. Even the best restaurants have nothing on her.   

I love you, Mom. And I hope one day that my kids will love my cooking as much as I do yours.

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