Saturday, July 28, 2007

Tokyo Garden in Calgary

Tokyo Garden's sushi bar in Calgary on Flickr by beFOODled.

S and I are on holiday in Calgary right now. We are visiting his parents, who also live for good food. On Thursday night they took us to Tokyo Garden where they are VIP customers according to Ali, the head waiter. We sat at the sushi bar and I tried some varieties for the first time, like uni (sea urchin eggs) and squid and caviar. They were nice, but I still prefer my old favourites - mackerel, unagi (BBQ eel), hamachi (yellowtail), tuna and salmon. The sushi here is excellent, way better than any place S and I have tried in Ottawa. For one thing, each sushi is huge - more than a mouthful, and it tastes so fresh. S's parents have been coming here long enough to know when they get the fish in (it comes on Wednesday), so if you ever go to Tokyo Garden for sushi, come on a Wednesday or Thursday night!

Tokyo Garden
100-10201 Southport Road SW
Calgary, AB T2W 4X9


glaiza g said...

wow this is cool! all food looks delicious... :D
In Manila we have what we call Little Tokyo, you can check it out here:

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