Friday, November 9, 2007

Marion's Fish Market in San Diego

In San Diego, my mission was to eat Mexican and seafood, because those are the local specialties. I read in 944, one of the city's magazines, that "San Diego has the best fish tacos in the world, dammit!" and must agree that hole-in-the-wall Mexican fast food is one of the reasons why dining out in this city is so great.

Here's the clam chowder and fish taco combo (in triplicate since there were three of us - my cousin, our friend C and me - and we all ordered the same thing) from Marion's Fish Market in Seaport Village. It was the perfect size for lunch. The chowder was really tasty, although it was thicker the night before. This whole combo was $5.98!

This was my second time eating here. When we arrived from the airport, it was really late, so we found this place and had dinner at around 9:00. We ate in the dark because they were closing and had to turn off the patio lights.

This restaurant is on the edge of Seaport Village, which is a really quaint and pretty little shopping strip with a boardwalk next to the ocean that goes all the way to the convention centre. I bought some souvenirs at Seaport Village and was one American penny short once. I asked the vendor if he accepted Canadian pennies, of which I had lots, but he said no. I pointed out that they are worth more now than the American currency, but he didn't seem amused. Well, I thought it was funny! The Canadian dollar's a heavyweight now and I intend to flaunt it!

Marion's Fish Market
849 West Harbor Drive, Suite D
San Diego, CA 92101
Hours - 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.


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