Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Gastronati Serve the Tastes of India

I know that most of you beFOODies have polled for English and/or German fare, but the Gastronati made an executive decision to do Indian first, and here are the results of our labours. S and I hosted and we got a chance to test out our new $20 tripod (our Valentine's day gift to each other :)

Peanut Butter and Jelly brought the fabulously photogenic quail masala wrapped in banana leaves. You can see before and after photos above. I made cucumber raita, a coriander-and-mint chutney, and a pea-and-paneer curry, pictured in the bottom row. We also whizzed up some mango lassis for dessert. Squeaky and Calimocho brought over dum aloo (a type of potato curry), some luscious curried meatballs and a sweet nutty palao rice. As usual, our taste buds danced for joy! Stay tuned for recipe postings coming soon ...


Squeaky said...

Hey! How come our dishes didn't make the photo montage?? sniff, sniff

asha said...

Aw, sorry, Squeaky, but I didn't think the pics we took of your dishes did them justice so I didn't publish them! Take photos next time you make them and I'll publish those. I can get the dum aloo recipe from Incredible Edibles.

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