Sunday, July 13, 2008

In Season for July

Now that summer is at its peak, berries are starting to come into season. Now, if I was a baker, which I'm not but would like to be, I would make a nice fruit tart with a homemade crust this month.

Some of the really healthy greens, like Swiss chard, rapini and kale are also available now. They stand up well to cooking in soups and in pastas. For example, in this fusilli recipe, you could substitute Swiss chard that's been sautéed and wilted for the spinach.


CB said...

Hi Asha
I'm not sure this chart is quite accurate. These items are available but not "in season". Apples are the best example. Any Ontario apples are from last fall. Apricots won't be ready just yet neither will peaches. If you're looking fresh and local, it would be best to check the "pick your own" guides.


asha said...

Good point, Christine. Some of these ingredients are not yet at their peak, and some are available almost year-round beyond the growing season. I compile these lists from the harvest charts of provincial farmers' associations, so they are just a guide. The vendors at your local farmers market are a good source of what's ripe in any one region.

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