Friday, August 29, 2008

A culinary vacation in France

You may have noticed that beFOODled has a new banner. That is S's artwork and my vision of a Parisian picnic — a bottle of wine, a loaf of bread and thou. (That lipsticked empty wine glass is mine ;)

It's a very fitting banner for the blog right now, because S and I are leaving today for France for a culinary vacation! We are going on a holiday organized by Gourmet Safari, a Toronto company that offers Mediterranean cooking vacations in France, Italy, Spain and Morocco.

Our package is called Provençale Cooking in Style and it takes place at a 17th-century farmhouse B&B about halfway between Lyon and Marseille. One of the owners is a chef and he's going to teach us how to cook several Provençale dishes, including lunch for a big picnic! We'll also visit a traditional market and go on some other outings.

Jackie, the owner of Gourmet Safari, has been incredibly good to us. When I told her about our interests, she answered with pages and pages of personalized suggestions and recommendations about where to go and what to do. She once lived in Paris and worked as an au pair for French film actress Catherine Deneuve.

I'll return soon to tell you about my cooking adventures in France!


deirdre said...

First of all, damn you straight to hell. Second of all, I hope you're having a fantastic time, and I'm sitting here all Kermit-y turning green with envy. Third of all, I can't wait to hear about all the wine and food you guys are experiencing. I am going to try to console myself with up-close encounters with Colin Firth over the next week. So, neener.

Seriously, though, this sounds like an absolutely fabulous vacation. Good on you.

Also, somewhat food-related: a woman I met at a career workshop, Shannon Grinnell, is making a documentary about living a whole year without sugar. I was at her launch party - which featured decadent desserts of all sorts - last weekend and hope to write about the film when it's done. More here:

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