Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Les Voyageurs — an eclectic French restaurant in Charols

On our second night in Provence, after a full day in Avignon, S and I went to Les Voyageurs, a little restaurant in Charols attached to a hotel. I loved the fun-loving decor. The owner Alexandre decorated it, and both him and the other server, his mother, were both really nice to us. They gave us the blue wine bottle that held our drinking water, and I'm happy that it made it home in one piece! Alexandre's sister also runs a museum dedicated to the locally famous Montélimar nougat, also in the same decor his mother told us, but unfortunately we were not able to make it this time (I'm saving a few things for the next trip :).

In the restaurants in this area, the menus are always on a blackboard, which the servers move around from table to table, so you can make your selection at leisure. All of the restaurants encourage a "formule" for ordering, where if you combine an entrée and a plat principale with or without fromage and/or dessert, you get a discount.

My entree was Carpaccio de boeuf au parmesan, which was very nice, like a pâté.

S tried Millefeuille de tomate et mozza, which had layers of incredible tasting tomatoes, both fresh and sundried. I think you have to have lots of sunshine on your tomatoes for them to taste this fantastic. (Reason number 7645 why I love Provence!)

For my plat principale, I ordered Filet de rouget sauce vierge. Sauce vierge (virgin sauce) is a popular French sauce made with tomato, basil, olive oil and lemon juice, and rouget is a red Mediterranean fish also known as red mullet.

S was an adventurer and ordered Tartare de boeuf a votre façon, and ate the whole thing :)


Mark Warburton said...

Wow, this is the stuff that great memories are made of! This trip to Provence looks like the most incredible foodie pilgrimage!

asha said...

Thanks Mark, I had the best time! I'm going to try to recreate some of the dishes tonight for my friends.

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