Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bella! Did Ya Eat?

The Free Times Café's Jewish brunch, a.k.a. Bella! Did Ya Eat? on Flickr by beFOODled.

Last weekend I was in Toronto and went to the Free Times Cafe for Sunday brunch. My friend AJ, a consummate foodie, took me here nine years ago for their traditional Jewish brunch called "Bella! Did ya eat?" For $20, there's a smorgasbord of some 50 homemade Jewish foods, all set out on plates at the bar.

Nothing has changed and I am so glad because over the years I have told so many people about Bella's brunch and have always meant to come back.

All my favourite dishes are still there — potato latkes, smoked whitefish and a banana yogurt soup that is flavoured with something else I can't put my finger on, like soy or condensed milk, or maybe honey or maple syrup. I also had cream-cheese blintzes, pickled herring, smoked salmon, hummus and roasted vegetables, hard-boiled eggs, cheeses and lots of sliced fresh fruit.

And then there's the desserts, all cut up into pieces so small that you can easily forget how many helpings you've had. They are so plentiful, they take up half of the bar.

The Free Times Café's Jewish brunch desserts on Flickr by beFOODled.

You can refill your plate as many times as you want. Brunch also comes with unlimited freshly squeezed orange juice, the real thing, mixed with a little sparkling water.

I love the small portion sizes, the informality and the incredible variety. For $20, it's a great value.

The Free Times Café
320 College St.
Toronto, ON
Mon-Sat 10:00am- 2:00am
Sun 10:00am - 1:00am


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