Thursday, July 30, 2009

Canal charcuterie picnic

Canal picnic on Flickr by beFOODled.

S and I had an impromptu canal picnic after work with Squeaky and Calimocho and their chihuahuas, Webo and Mochi. We ate some deli meats that S brought back from a charcuterie specialty store in Calgary that he has raved about for months now. It was tasty stuff — a really nice prosciutto, a duck rillette and a cheese-and-truffle terrine. Squeaky and Calimocho brought the piri piri chips, and lots of cheese and wine. We brought everything there in backpacks and sat on this wonderfully ghetto tablecloth that Squeaky pilfered from her work and affectionately calls "French provincial." It was a fun way to spend a work night! Especially watching Webo and Mochi try to chase rabbits not much bigger than themselves.


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