Saturday, August 8, 2009

Casa Tapas in Montreal

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I found a great tapas restaurant in Montreal! It's called Casa Tapas and it's on Rachel East near St. Denis.

My first impression after walking through the door was amazement at the decor. I was in front of a cave-like wine cellar and there were mosaics on the wall and stone columns that look like tree trunks. The whole restaurant is decorated in the style of Gaudí, a Spanish architect who designed many buildings in Barcelona, Spain.

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The menus also deserve a special mention because they are very cute. They're tall and skinny and mounted on a plank of wood. The design is very unique and I like the fonts. (When you work in publishing like me, you develop a geeky interest in such things.)

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The waiter brought us complimentary bread and a little espresso cup full of small green olives (arbequinas, I think). We ordered five tapas dishes and shared a half litre of wine for $100 CDN including tip and tax.

The three dishes pictured above are asparagus and manchego cheese, grilled sardines with cumin, and chorizo in sauce. These were all delicious, especially the sardines.

We also ordered artichokes aioli and mussels in white wine and saffron cream, which was very rich. Even though saffron and aioli are wonderful things, I found they dominated rather than complemented in these dishes.

So five things on the menu tasted, which leaves 25 more to go! I plan to return to Casa Tapas the next time I'm in Montreal and I recommend it to anyone who loves tapas-style eating.

Casa Tapas, Resto Español
266 Rachel est
Montréal, QC

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