Saturday, December 12, 2009

Raclette at Ella's

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This week my friend Ella invited a bunch of us girls over for raclette. I love eating a nice big meals mid-week with friends. It breaks the endless cycle of work and sleep that can sometimes make you feel like you have no life during the week.

Anyway, this mid-week feast was delicious, a great informal way of showcasing my favourite food .... ta da ta da ta da .... cheese!

In the bottom right corner, you will see square slices of authentic raclette cheese, generously bought by Ella and carefully sliced and trimmed by yours truly. You fry veggies and stuff on the top of the raclette machine, and then put the little cheese squares in special trays at the bottom. Once the cheese has melted, you then drape the oozy goodness all over your veggies.

We fried up mushrooms and orange pepper slices and also thin slices of marinated beef and sausage. We also had a bowl of boiled new potatoes in circulation around the table. At one point I only had one potato on my plate but that didn't stop me from totally blanketing it in a whole square of cheese. So. Ridiculously. Good.


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