Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wine tour of Quebec's Eastern Townships

Time for a long-overdue feature on our trip to Quebec's Eastern Townships, where we visited an abbey that makes cheeses and ciders (St. Benoît), and toured several of the region's wineries (more on those later). The photo above shows some of the wines we bought during our visit. We stayed at À La Maison Campbell, a B&B run by Jean and Danielle Goyer, who make delicious, delightful breakfasts. We also ate at several nice restaurants, our favourite meal being mussels and fries at La Table Alain Roger. It's a place that specializes in, well, mussels and fries! I have never tasted mussels like this before. So much flavour and such a high quality. The fries were great too, and came with several different kinds of mustard and mayonnaise for dipping.


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