Monday, April 30, 2007

Food In the News

Beans Are Not Just a Musical Fruit
Oh, happy day! Hugh Grant found another way to embarrass himself, this time by pioneering another use for baked beans. They are apparently his weapons of choice for attacking pesky photographers. Here is a wonderful photo of him about to mount an attack. Unfortunately, beFOODled was unable to ascertain whether Grant was successful in his attempt to soil the photographer with the much-loved breakfast legume.

Are You a Cucumber or a Banana?

Better hope that you are a cuke. In Singapore, a pharmaceutical firm and the Society for Men's Health are measuring erectile dysfunction by asking men to arbitrarily rate their hardness on a scale inspired by produce - cucumber :), unpeeled banana, peeled banana or tofu :(. Not surprisingly, the medical authorities are not endorsing this subjective - albeit creative - study.

Soak Up the Sunshine Vitamin
Studies by American scientists are showing that sunshine for 10 to 15 minutes a day may cut your chances of getting some cancers (breast, colon, prostate) by about 50 per cent. Canadians are especially challenged because, when it comes to adequate Vitamin D production, it's all about latitude. If you live near the equator you're laughing, but from October to March the sunlight is just too feeble in Canada for good Vit D synthesis. And it looks like it's better to sun oneself than get it from food. Food amounts are piddly compared to what your skin makes after a dose of sunshine - you'd have to drink about three litres of milk a day, according to the Globe and Mail. As much as I love the stuff, that's just not possible. Now, I just hope that the fake and bakes (tanning salons) will not decide to use this an advertising line.


Anonymous said...

I get the cucumber and the banana, but I've never seen phallic tofu... though it does come in varying degrees of firmness:-)

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