Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Elgin St. Freehouse in Ottawa

A few nights ago, S came back after being away for a month. We looked into his fridge and, predictably, it was very bare. So we headed out the door to the Elgin St. Freehouse for dinner.

The Elgin St. Freehouse is a tiny, narrow, darkly lit restaurant that offers a small menu of interesting choices. We have eaten there three times now. I have always liked it because the service is very good, and it has a modern, minimalist silver-and-black decor that is really nice. I ordered the steak pasta, which was delicious, and S had pork chops with a blue cheese sauce and very tasty mashed potatoes. I like this restaurant not just for its good food, but because the portion sizes are just right and everything is beautifully presented, as you can see from the photo. A meal of two entrees, a bottle of wine, two coffees and a dessert to share came to 100 dollars.

Elgin St. Freehouse
296 Elgin Street, corner Gilmore


Deirdre said...

Was there much in the way of vegetarian stuff there? I was looking for a website and couldn't find one, but those pictures you have there and a review I found in The Hour make me think I'd like to go there the next time I come to visit. Or if there's a decent brunch menu... you know how I love brunch. "It's not quite breakfast, it's not quite lunch, but it comes with a slice of cantaloupe at the end."

Asha said...

I'll have to check as they don't have a website, but yes, it's a really nice place.

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