Sunday, January 27, 2008

Secrets and Shortcuts: Braising

I am a great collector of helpful tips and sage advice when it comes to cooking and food preparation. My friends, family and favourite Food Channel chefs often share such valuable tidbits.

So, to document all of this great cooking lore, I've just created another new occasional feature on beFOODled, called Secrets and Shortcuts. Stay tuned for many more coming soon :)

Secrets and Shortcuts: Braising
Braising means to cook slowly in a small amount of liquid, so if you are cooking vegetables in a braised dish, be sure to cut up them up into biggish chunks, like quarters or a large dice, so that they don't lose all of their nutrients and flavours throughout the long cooking time.


Mark Warburton said...

Your friends at Ottawa Foodies would also really love it if you posted your beautiful photos to the Ichibei vendor page at that site. :-)

Similar to your experience, Ichibei taught us just how wonderful and diverse Japanese food can be. It is great! Hey, congratulations on trying natto -- I hear it can be challenging. Now that I know Ichibei offers it I'll have to visit just to try it!

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