Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Foolish Chicken in Ottawa

Who can resist a restaurant named The Foolish Chicken? I decided I just had to go and see what this was all about. Now I have started to think of it as my friendly place-around-the-corner. It's a chicken-and-ribs restaurant in the Parkdale area of Ottawa, and one of my favourite places to eat.

The BBQ meats are delicious because the sauce is homemade. You can tell after the first bite that they use very high-quality ingredients, even in the desserts, which the owners bake themselves. That sauce is a secret recipe, but I'm willing to bet that clove is one of the seasonings. It's so so good!

So far, I've had their quarter chicken dinner twice and pulled pork sandwich once. Both are really tender and have wonderful flavours. Entrees usually come with cornbread and another choice of side. When S and I go, we order two big entrees (S usually gets ribs), two pints and two desserts, and the bill only comes to about $55.00.

The atmosphere is very inviting. The couple that owns the place also serve, and they are very friendly and attentive. Plus the restaurant is decorated in warm mustards and reds, which adds to the coziness.

There's history and culture here, too. The bar has nickel panels that were reclaimed from the old library roof on Parliament Hill. Paintings for sale by local artists also adorn the walls, so The Foolish Chicken is not just a restaurant but also a gallery.

I know you're probably wondering about the name - yes, there's a story here, but I won't tell, so you'll have to actually go to find this one out! Trust me, you won't be disappointed :)

The Foolish Chicken
79 Holland Ave, between Scott St. and Wellington Ave.
Ottawa, ON K1Y 0Y1


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