Saturday, April 19, 2008

Poll Results: What country's food should the Gastronati make next?

According to beFOODled's latest poll, beFOODies worldwide would like to see the Gastronati sample "other" fare next. German and English tied for second place. A few of you did make suggestions under the Other category for Italy and Japan, which we've done, and Chile and Spain, which we have yet to do. Since this poll, we have done Mexican (our first-ever Gastronati), Russian and most recently, Indian food. We're planning to do German later this month, and possibly a middle-eastern country next, so stay tuned for more flavours of the world coming soon.

Speaking of flavours of the world, don't you think taking a cooking class in another country would be the best holiday ever? Lately, I have been dreaming of going to France with S for a week-long cooking course in Provence, hence my new poll on the right called "Where in the Mediterranean would you most like to take a cooking class?" But I'm also interested in knowing where my readers would like to go. Even if your first choice is not the Mediterranean, you can still tell me where the foods of your dreams are by typing it in the OTHER category. I'll be checking every day to see where everyone would like to go!

In the meantime, the Gastronati bid you Auf Wiedersehen! See you in Germany next!


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