Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday Harvest Brunch

Today S and I met some friends at the Landsdowne Farmer's Market and we all bought ingredients for a Sunday harvest brunch at Ella and Cinder's house. The photo above is from the market, and the one below shows all of the delicious dishes we prepared.

Ella made sage-and-brown butter ravioli with toasted almond slivers, and also this amazing dish that was sort of a cross between an apple tart and a semi-sweet quiche. She has promised me the recipe, so stay tuned! She also served prosciutto-wrapped melon and many cheeses, including a great maple cheddar, which she bought recently during a trip to Prince Edward County. We also made insalata caprese and MV made her famous spicy Portuguese shrimp. S and I bought olive and potato-dill artisan breads from the market. Squeaky made mimosas with champagne, peaches and strawberries, and Em and I brought éclairs that we made yesterday and which I'll tell you about soon in another post!


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