Saturday, January 16, 2010

Weekend brunch with bacon, eggs, hashbrowns and fruit

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Besides pancakes, this is the other big breakfast that S and I sometimes make on weekends: a brunchy plate of eggs, bacon, hashbrowns and fruit.

To make the eggs, fry the bacon first in a frying pan until crispy, and then set aside on some paper towels to drain. Drain away most of the bacon fat from the frying pan except a teaspoon or so. In the same pan, saute some sliced onions, which will become a bed for the eggs. When the onions have softened, break two eggs on top of them and cook them sunnyside up. Break the bacon into smaller pieces and put them on top of the egg whites so that they surround the yolk. Then garnish with some chopped green onion. Everything sticks together nicely and the egg becomes this happy colourful work of art!

Each time I made the hashbrowns, they come out differently depending on what kind of pepper, cheese and spices I have on hand. Today I sauteed some finely diced onion and diced red pepper in a frying pan until softened, and then add hashbrowns. Mix and season with salt and pepper and add some smoked paprika and thyme. I fry the hashbrowns for about 10 minutes, leaving them alone for several minutes at a time before turning, so that at least two of the four the sides brown up. At the end of the 10 minutes, take the frying pan off the heat, sprinkle grated cheese all over and cover. The cheese melts quickly under the cover of the lid. Just remove the lid carefully so that all of the condensed water on it doesn't end up on those carefully crisped hashbrowns!

Serve with tea and apple quarters or mandarin orange slices.


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