Saturday, February 27, 2010

Spanish reds ... vino de crianza!

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My latest wine discovery is a lovely Spanish red called Campo Viejo Crianza. I recently brought it to a girls night where it was received with much enthusiasm.

The first time I drank it, I imagined that I was sitting at the bar of an Andalusian tavern, a wineglass in one hand and a slice of manchego cheese in the other. It was a hot and dusty day, and a wedge of golden afternoon sun was spilling through the open door, ending just short of my bar stool. A very sexy Spaniard was pushing a complimentary dish of marinated olives my way and ... did I mention I was wearing the most perfect LRD (little red dress)?


The morning after, I pulled out my wine book and learned the basics about Spanish wines. Did you know that the most famous wine region in Spain is called the Rioja and that tempranillo is its main grape variety? Reading that brought back sweet memories from years ago of my friend Rachel extolling the virtues of tempranillos over beer in an Irish pub, oddly enough.

Anyway, according to my book, the crianza I drank was aged in both an oak barrel and a bottle before touching my lips in its third year. And Spanish wines get even better once you graduate to reservas, which have spent even more time in the bottle, at least three years, before being released for sale.

Campo Viejo make a reserva, too. Imagine what my daydreams would be like if I ever got my hands on that!

Stay tuned for more uncorked, wine-induced thoughts as future discoveries are made :)

Campo Viejo Crianza
$14.95 at the LCBO


Marysol said...

Thank you for sharing! I will certainly try it soon... and have my own LRD rêveries!

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