Sunday, May 2, 2010

California wine show

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That's me at the recent California wine show with California winemaker Camille Seghesio. Her family's business, Seghesio Family Vineyards, was one of some 100 California wineries at the event. I went with my partner S and we really enjoyed both the wines and the way the event was set up. You paid only once ($60.00 per person) and once in, you could sample as much wine as you wanted from the 350 on offer.

There was also free food! Cheese and cracker bars were set up in the aisles. It was fun to get some wine and then find a blue, cheddar or brie cheese to complement it. There was also a booth where the hotel chefs was serving roast beef buns and horseradish for hungry wine lovers craving something more substantial.

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The wines were really fantastic. I tried some nice samples at Toasted Head. I like their Chardonnay that you can get at the LCBO, discovered thanks to my friend Maria who keeps serving it at her parties! There were also some great wines at Rodney and Strong and the people at the booth were very happy to talk to us. Our friend Calimocho went to the wine show too, and introduced us to this delicious threesome below at Beringer. From left to right the wine became more expensive and more delicious!

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