Sunday, March 4, 2007

More Girl Food

Last weekend, I went to Toronto to visit with some friends and to go to an Oscar party. We went to this restaurant on Queen St. that sells roti takeout. I'd never had roti before but my friends just rave about it, so I was really excited to try this. It's basically a big flatbread bundled around your favourite curry. Both D and I got the mutter paneer and I decided to get medium instead of mild, a decision which turned out to be a big mistake! It was so hot, I had to follow every mouthful with water. S, who got a medium too, tried mine and agreed that it was indeed insanely hot. In the end D gave me some of her mild because I just couldn't finish it, what with the back of my throat being on fire. But once I could finally taste it, I had to admit that it was great!

And last night, my friend Ella hosted another girls-only dinner party. It started out as an afternoon at the spa, followed by a fantastic dinner that totally reminded me of springtime, and a raucous game of Cranium to end the night. Ella prepared this really tasty linguine with asparagus and red pepper that had a kind of alfredo sauce, and served it with goat's cheese on baguette slices. It kind of reminded me of a pasta primavera (which means "spring" in Italian), which is made with young spring vegetables. The salad was amazing too, and so so simple: spinach, tomato and tasted walnuts tossed with a sweet dressing of green pepper jelly (you could also use red), balsamic vinegar, olive oil and mustard. It was so tasty and a really big hit with my friends.

Hurray for girls' nights!


Deirdre said...

You'll just have to return sometime this summer and get a roti of the non-Flaming Homer variety. The only downside: you then won't be able to live without. I think they may contain trace amounts of crack or something.

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