Saturday, March 17, 2007

Ematei - a Japanese Restaurant in Toronto

Agedashi dofu and beef tataki at Ematei in Toronto on Flickr by beFOODled.

Last week I was fortunate to make it back to T-dot, this time accompanied by S and two of our friends. We found a great Japanese place called Ematei, just a few steps away from Queen Street. We ordered my favourite appetizers, agedashi tofu and beef tataki (both pictured here), and shared a tonkatsu (a deep-fried, breaded pork cutlet) with rice and miso soup. We also got some sushi: unagi (BBQ eel and my favourite), hamachi (yellowtail and S's favourite) and also sake (tuna). To drink we had 2 Sapporos. Japanese beer always comes in two sizes - the standard sober 341 mL, which yours truly ordered, and then the whoopass super-jumbo bottoms up! size of 650 mL that S ordered. It was a really tasty meal and we weren't far off the estimate of $90 per couple in my iN Guide. The service was good too.

30 St. Patrick St. (corner Queen)
Toronto, ON


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