Sunday, March 18, 2007

Thai in Toronto at Linda's

On our third night in Toronto we went to a really nice Thai place called Linda's on Yonge Street. It's a cozy and elegant room decorated in hardwood and brick, and with a huge Buddha mural on one wall. It's above another busy, brightly-lit Thai restaurant called the Salad King, which is owned by Linda's husband.

We had this very tasty appetizer, called miang kum. The leaves in the foreground look like spinach but are actually aromatic leaves called cha-plu. You take one and add a small dollop of each of the ingredients - lime, chili, red onion, dried shrimp, dried coconut, peanut and the sweet sauce - and wrap it into a little packet of hot, sour, salty and sweet flavours. It was delicious, and the chilies really made it pop. The service here was good too; a woman who we think was Linda came over to make sure we liked the food. We also had a calamari appetizer, four mains and a bottle of wine. The whole meal came to about $38 per person.

335 Yonge St. (corner Dundas)
Toronto, ON


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