Friday, May 25, 2007

Another Tuna Debacle

So S and I made a pepper-crusted seared tuna steak and, although it was better than my baked tuna travesty of the other night, it was still a bit of a disaster. (Jelly Bean and Calimocho, by the way, were mortified when they found out I had baked tuna the other night.) Anyways, last night we put on too much pepper. We were coughing every time we got near the kitchen, because of insane pepper vapours that penetrated our lungs without mercy. Also, I think the pan wasn't hot enough, because no crispy brown crust happened, although the tuna somehow still managed to cook for too long and wasn't pink inside. This is really tricky. Jelly Bean says that it's best to start with no frills when learning. No pepper crust, just sear bare tuna in oil. And Calimocho says to jack up the heat to max, and just sear for a few seconds each side. The recipe in my book said sear around 3 minutes per side, which is obviously a TYPO. Gahh!


Brian said...

If you're going for rare-seared, then 3 mins is way too long. 30 - 60 seconds, high heat on each side.

How fine a grind of pepper did you use? Very coarse would probably be best for encrusting.

pingu said...

When S told me you had left a comment, I wondered if you liked to cook, too, even though I knew you appreciated food. I think my question is answered! Hope to see you and W this summer if we ever get out west again.

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