Saturday, May 5, 2007

The Korean Grill in Toronto

As my old friend JP says, "At the Korean Grill House, it's all about the meat!"

Last weekend I was in Toronto again for work and I saw JP. We lived together when we were in university and she was the best cook in the house. And as you can see, we had platters and platters of meat, from fish to pork to beef.

We ordered the unlimited Korean BBQ with unlimited lettuce and condiments and it only cost us $20 each. Now this is my kind of eating! You cook the meats on the sunken BBQ in the middle of the table. Then you take a lettuce leaf, smear it with chili sauce, add some barbecued meat or fish, top with condiments - kimchi, a pickled cabbage that is an aquired taste but then becomes addictive, bean sprouts and fried tofu, among other tasties - and wrap it up into a bundle and pop it in your mouth. We even tried some tongue.

Cooking the food before you eat it forces you to take it slow. Another great thing is, since the food arrives on many plates and needs to be assembled, you'll never know how much you are eating. Therefore one has no excuse to feel like a greedy pig at the Korean Grill. We went to the one at Yonge and Bloor, but there are other locations at Yonge and Dundas, and Queen and University. It's probably wise to make a reservation before you go because it's really popular.

My only complaint is that when they find out it's someone's birthday, they bang this great gong at the front and everybody yells "Happy Birthday," which is kind of irritating when you are trying to talk to someone. But I really recommend this place. The prices are great and the BBQ is just fantastic!

Korean Grill House
754 Yonge St. (corner Bloor)
Toronto, ON


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