Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Seared Tuna Steak Effort No. 1

Okay. In my "About Me," I do mention that one of the purposes of this blog is to define moments of pure befuddlement as well as moments of discovery and triumph. Well, here' s a befuddlement: On the way home today, Jelly Bean was talking about what she was going to have for dinner, and she inspired me to make a seared tuna steak. After consulting various cookbooks, I tried to make a succulent steak, one that personifies tenderness and maintains a ruby-red interior, but alas I failed. I got scared at the prospect of pan frying and decided to opt for the oven, which never lets me down when I make salmon. That turned out be a bad idea. Salmon and tuna obviously behave differently in the oven. I baked the tuna in a 400 C oven for five minutes on one side and seven on the next, and then let it rest for a bit while I puttered around. Well, when I went to eat my very expensive tuna steak it was hard and flaky, not tender and moist, nor a marbled red. In fact, it would be rather accurate to report that it was a bit grey and very cooked the whole way through. Humph. I still have a lot to learn. But I do have one more steak. Maybe I will test out another recipe later this week - perhaps on an unsuspecting S. Stay tuned for the ensuing dramatic events.


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