Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Gastronati turn to auld Irish fare

The Gastronati turn to auld Irish fare by beFOODled on Flickr.

As Ottawa's bus strike entered its sixth week, the members of the Gastronati fortified themselves accordingly with Irish fare, a great cuisine for staving off the cold of a Canadian winter.

I brought a homemade Guinness stew, which I almost messed up but not quite (stay tuned for that story later). S and I also brought a pile of Guinness, some of which Mochi, Squeaky and Calimocho's new chihuahua, developed a liking for (see below). It seems that Guinness is good for you AND your dog, but don't worry, we didn't let her have the whole glass ;)

Peanut Butter and Jelly brought roast pork with potato stuffing, and Squeaky and Calimocho made colcannon, a dish with mashed potatoes and kale, soda bread and cheese scones, and a homemade Irish cream liqueur, which was divine. As the old Irish expression goes to encourage someone to take a second drink, "a bird with one wing can't fly." But with this liqueur, nobody put up much resistance, not even the dogs!


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